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High-end Design Children Dining Chair

High-end Design Children Dining Chair

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Single product size: 69*54*109cm material: metal 1. Different from other product designs£¬ according to the pyramid support design£¬ the back and the centripetal arc design£¬ the arc is suitable for bilateral support£¬ protects the baby's cervical spine from always standing upright£¬ guides the baby to a good sitting posture in the future£¬ and allows the baby to grow up with the normal back cervical spine 2. Safety straps£¬ more coordinated proportions£¬ easy to remove and wash-free leather pads£¬ breathable and comfortable. 3. Environmentally friendly non-toxic dinner plate£¬ the bag can be directly touched without worry 4. Multi-level flexible height adjustment£¬ allowing mothers to give more care to their children. 5. Design of universal wheel with brake£¬ anti-vibration and wear resistance£¬ high safety. 6. Z-shaped frame design£¬ low center of gravity£¬ anti-dumping. The material is made of 82mm aviation aluminum£¬ which is strong£¬ light and non-deformable. The surface is made of IPHONE technology£¬ and the nano-particles are sandblasted£¬ which will not fall off and will not rust.

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