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Movable folding crib

Movable folding crib

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1. [Easy to install and move]: The crib is foldable£¬ tool-free installation£¬ portable storage£¬ and the crib has casters£¬ which are easy to move. 2. [Splicable]: The side can be opened and spliced with the big bed£¬ which is convenient for mothers to take care of the baby at night 3. [Quality Assurance]Stable iron tube bed frame£¬ Oxford cloth fabric£¬ breathable mesh bed surround£¬ equipped with mattress£¬ environmentally friendly plastic£¬ rounded corners to protect the baby. 4. [Height Adjustable] Four-level height adjustment£¬ which can be suitable for large beds of different heights£¬ large and small beds are spliced together£¬ and it is more convenient to take care of the baby 5. [Washable]: The crib can be disassembled and washed as a whole£¬ the mosquito net bed cover and mattress can be disassembled and washed separately£¬ and the zipper combination is easy to disassemble and assemble

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