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Electric Breast Pump

Electric Breast Pump

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Nipple mouth size: 24 Material: pp Rated voltage: 100-240V~ Rated frequency: 50/60Hz Rated current: 250mA Suction: ¡Ü-55kpa Double breast pumping£¬ touch button£¬ 4 breastfeeding positions£¬ 4 breast pumping positions£¬ USB port connection. 1. [Design of 4 gears for lactation and pumping] This breast pump has 4 gears for lactation and pumping. Adjustable frequency helps optimize breastfeeding£¬ relieve breast pain£¬ and maximize comfort and breast milk production. 2. [Safe and healthy material] It is made of imported polypropylene (PP) material£¬ and all accessories are BPA-free£¬ which is safe for every mother and baby. 3. [Affordable high-quality breast pump] Committed to providing mothers with high-quality£¬ safe and affordable breast pumps to help babies feed. 4. [USB rechargeable battery-powered breast pump] Abandon the previous generation of large-head chargers£¬ ¡ÈSB charging cable£¬ compatible with ordinary ¡ÈSB charging equipment£¬ it will not compete with your home appliances for sockets. 5. [Easy to clean] The parts of the breast pump are easy to assemble and clean. This breast pump is small£¬ portable and easy to carry£¬ especially suitable for working mothers.

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