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Baby Multifunctional Walker With Anti-o-legs

Baby Multifunctional Walker With Anti-o-legs

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Product size: 54*70*64cm material: plastic 1.[Multi-functional baby walker]This baby walker has 4 modes£¬ which can adapt to the needs of the baby in various periods£¬ and guide the baby to use balance scientifically 2.[Speed can be adjusted] The speed of the stroller can be adjusted to adapt to the baby's walking speed£¬ and the rotation speed of the rear wheel can be changed by rotating the button. So as to adapt to the baby's different toddler stages 3.[Equipped with silent wheels] Noise-reducing tires£¬ the right friction force with the ground£¬ slow sliding at an average speed£¬ floor tiles or wooden boards£¬ the baby can walk 4.[3-speed adjustable] The baby walker has a 3-speed adjustment function£¬ which matches the different stages of the baby's toddlers£¬ prevents the O-shaped legs from height£¬ and measures the height of the baby's legs for accurate fit 5.[Pyramid structure] Pyramid mechanics structure£¬ to prevent the stroller from rolling over£¬ using a U-shaped large chassis design£¬ the support force is more stable£¬ effectively preventing the car body from rolling over£¬ and the baby is more secure when learning to walk

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