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Baby Silicone Bib Waterproof Saliva Pocket

Baby Silicone Bib Waterproof Saliva Pocket

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Product size: 32.5*22.5cm Material: Food grade silicone Contains bib*1 1. Baby silicone bibs£¬ you are not afraid of dirty eating£¬ all around. 2. Three-dimensional big pocket£¬ light and soft£¬ boiled in high temperature£¬ original pattern£¬ no fluorescent agent£¬ portable and portable. 3. Silky touch£¬ soft and comfortable like milk£¬ weighing 78g£¬ very light£¬ equivalent to the weight of an egg. 4. The neck circumference can be adjusted to 6 levels£¬ it is soft and has no burrs£¬ and the neck is round and not tight. 5. Folding without traces£¬ no deformation£¬ easy travel without taking up space£¬ waterproof and oil-proof to block stains£¬ scientific ergonomic design£¬ suitable for babies£¬ food-grade silicone.

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