Mini Portable 4K DLP Smart Projector, 2+32GB, with ATV System, 15000mAh, Android 11, 5G WiFi, for Outdoor and Indoor, S8 Black Gray
ريال 1537.00 ريال 2553.00
84 inch 16:9 Portable Projection Screen, 2-in-1 Wall Mount & Tripod Stand. White Fiberglass Material, Projector Screen for Outdoor and Indoor
ريال 117.00 ريال 196.00
72 inch 16:9 Portable Projector Screen, White Fiberglass Material, 2-in-1 Wall Mount & Tripod Stand ET72W-169 for Outdoor and Indoor
ريال 108.00 ريال 252.00
Mini Portable 4K DLP Smart Projector, 2+32GB, 8000mAh, 5G WiFi, Android 9.0, with Stand, for Indoor and Ourdoor C2000 Gray
ريال 968.00 ريال 1610.00
72 Inch 4:3 Wall Mount Electric Projector Screen Motorized Projection Curtain with Remote Control For Business/School/Office/Meeting
ريال 163.00 ريال 336.00
Double Clips Microphone Tripod Floor Stand for Performances, Karaoke, Dancing, and Mobile Live Streaming, 103B Black
ريال 50.00 ريال 114.00
Microphone Arm Stand, Desktop Mic Clip Holder, 180° Adjustable Folding Portable Microphone Cantilever Stand, GH-335 Black
ريال 78.00 ريال 170.00
Yt400 Home Pico Projector (multimedia Version)
ريال 164.00 ريال 306.00
Yt500 Home Pico Projector
ريال 146.00 ريال 265.00